Tales from the Shoe Rack

When the day comes to an end, the shoes eagerly want to know what happened. That's when the sneakers Dalli and Wetz share their Velcro concert, the rubber boots Torf and Buddel recount the menacing puddle on the playground, and the winter boots Jäätä and Lumi talk about their snow hike. The other shoes listen intently, wondering which of them will experience the next adventure the next day.

"Tales from the Shoe Rack" is an animated series for children produced by LUMALENSCAPE for the German TV classic "Unser Sandmännchen". The commissioning parties are the German broadcasters RBB, MDR, and NDR. Under the production management of Robert Schröder, Sebastian Stoer and Alice von Gwinner are responsible for the direction and screenplay. The main characters are voiced by Victoria Schätzle, Thorsten Giese, Thomas Dehler, and Luise Georgi.

#2D Animation
#Character Design